How to Say You Matter: A Gift Giving Guide

You Matter Gift Giving

Give a Gift to Someone Who Matters in Your Life

Giving gifts can be a daunting task. What do you get the person who seemingly has everything they could want or needs? It can be especially challenging when trying to find gifts for people who seem to have it all together. However, there are a few unique gift ideas that will let the recipient know that they matter, no matter what.

Why is it important to tell someone — You Matter?

Everyone wants to feel like they matter. When someone takes the time to show us that we do, it’s one of the best feelings in the world. It can be tough to know how to show someone they matter, but with a little effort and thought, it can be done.

One way to demonstrate this is to pay attention to them. Really listen when they’re talking, and make an effort to remember the things they say. Another way is to do something special for them. Something that shows you took the time and put thought into it.

Since it can be difficult to get started, here share some ways to help you. It’s important to remember that it’s the thought that counts, and even the simplest gesture can make someone feel special.

Side note: If you’ve ever struggle with giving gifts, you might want to read this blog post about what happens when the act of giving and receiving is blocked.

What are some things you can do to make someone feel special?

1. Express your appreciation

  • Start with being honest. If you typically struggle to express your true thoughts and feelings, let them know.
  • Keep it simple. You don’t have to gush over them and say every thought that comes to mind. It can be as simple as saying, “You are important to me. Thank you for being you.”

If you aren’t able to form the words during a conversation, that’s alright. Skip skip to the next idea…

2. Write a handwritten note

It might seem like a small thing, but there are so many reasons to write a card. Maybe you want to tell someone you care about them, or that they did a great job. Maybe you just want to make someone’s day a little bit brighter. Maybe there’s something you want to say, but don’t want to say over the phone, through text, or in person (or struggle to form the words when you are together — no judgment here, we’ve been there!).

No matter what the reason, there’s nothing quite like getting a handwritten card. It’s personal, it’s (often) unexpected, and it always makes you feel special. It also serves as a reminder that someone took the time to think of you.

So why not make someone feel special today by writing them a card?

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Image of someone’s hands writing a note. Writing on the card says, “Thank you for being awesome.”
A little note to you!

3. Make them breakfast in bed or take them out for lunch.

Everyone loves to feel appreciated, and one of the best ways to show someone they matter is by cooking them breakfast in bed or taking them out to lunch. These small gestures will make them feel special and remind them that you care about them. Plus, it’s a great way to show your appreciation for everything they do for you.

4. Send them a surprise gift

When someone feels appreciated, they feel valued. And when someone feels valued, they feel loved. So take a little time out of your day today to show someone they matter. You’ll make their day with one of the many products we offer — We’ve got a few things in our shop to help you out with this!

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5. Do something special for their birthday or anniversary

At the same time, you don’t have to wait to celebrate them once a year. If it feels like you haven’t shown you appreciation for this important person, make it an “unbirthday” and celebrate them anyway — any day of the year.

Tell Someone ‘You Matter’ Today

Saying “you matter” is one of the most important things you can do. It’s also a phrase that can be difficult to find the perfect way to say. No matter what, though, we’ve got you covered.

Visit our online shop you’re sure to find the perfect way to say you matter—we can ship your gift right to their door. You will feel good about sending a gift to your loved ones to let them know just how much they mean to you.

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