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Our deepest desire is to create a space where you are welcomed for who you are in this moment. We want you to be inspired to allow your true self shine through to open the door for genuine, long-lasting happiness. We hope our products—and blog—support you on this journey.

If we had one dream, it is to assist you in uncovering self- love and acceptance because these are foundational to the happiness you desire.

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We love making products that bring a smile to your face. The best part, our products also make great gifts. For someone you care about—including yourself!


Personal discovery and growth is best practiced with others. When we learn from one another we are able to persevere and overcome our struggles, while also learning we are not alone. We want to support you on journey to self- love and acceptance.

On our blog, you will find inspiration, stories and actionable steps to help on your journey to happiness.

⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING: Real Life Shit Ahead ⚠️

Wait. Don’t jump to conclusions. Yes, we want to help you uncover happiness. But, we are not trying to make life seem like butterflies and rainbows all the time.

We will, inevitably, share some heavy stories. We are talking real life struggles. There can be a dark side to life. And, uncovering true happiness does not mean sweeping that shit under a rug and pretending it never happened.

You have to face your demons. You must acknowledge your flaws. You need to recognize that life isn’t this beautiful story you’ve tried desperately to create in your mind. Your demons, flaws, and dark past must not stop you from being happy.

If these things do prevent you from being happy, it’s because you are standing in your own way. I’m not trying to feed you a line of bullshit here. I know this is true because I’m speaking from personal experience!

Despite occasionally talking about the unsavory aspects of life, we offer you ways to handle your struggles, solutions, and strategies to overcome these things

That is how you find genuine, long-lasting happiness.

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Happiness is found here with a simulated image of an iPad and a document that says 28 day gratitude prompts


If there is anything we want you to know, it’s that happiness is found through gratitude. The crazy thing, most people are not entirely sure how to incorporate gratitude into their daily lives. That’s why we created this document—28 day Gratitude Prompts

Meal Time Got You Stressed?

When it comes to stress, meal time can be a struggle. As a former private practice dietitian, it was definitely my clients’ #1 pain-point! That’s why I created this Meal Planning Tool for you.

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Did We Just Become Friends?

Looking to take this to the next level — Friendship? If you want to be friends, I’d love to get to know you some more.

Are you still considering? But, not entirely sure?

Yea, I get that and respect your thoughts. That is why I created this page to help you out and consider taking our friendship to the next level — Let’s Be Internet Friends!


Meet Kristi — our founder

Hi, I’m Kristi the face behind all this. I’m a lover of pizza, Schitt’s Creek, and coffee. When work is on the backburner, you can find me watching my kids play volleyball, snuggling with my animals, or enjoying lake side views with a cold beverage in my hand.

What We’re All About

We have some strong beliefs. In those, we strive to cultivate a space where everyone is welcomed and celebrated. Our mission is to create a world that allows you to be your true self—unapologetically.

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