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Bring About Happy believes in being a Kind Human – an initiative we have organized to accept one another for who we are without conditions or judgement.

Bring About Happy believes in being a Kind Human – an initiative we have organized to accept each other for who we are without conditions or passing judgement.

Be Kind. Be Human. Be a Kind Human.

We welcome you – for YOU – with open arms.


  • Wholeheartedly welcome individuals of all backgrounds, regardless of cultural roots, race, or ethnicity.
    • All lives can’t, and won’t, matter until Black Lives Matter.
  • Accept all sexual orientations & members of the LGBTQIA+ Community, as well as all gender identities and expressions.
  • Support individuals of all shapes & sizes because everyone is worthy.
    • Body Positivity and acceptance right here, right now. No changes required first.
  • Embrace differently-abled persons, including those with who have non-visible ailments.
  • Value the importance of mental health for everyone.
  • Accept everyone of all backgrounds, ages, spiritual or religious belief, and/or economic status.
  • Love you no matter how you may be “different.”

We believe our differences make each one of us special, unique, and awesome. And, those differences should be celebrated!

Your uniqueness is what we love about you!


To show our love for our World, we are working on incorporating ways to support Mother Earth.

We are starting with using eco-friendly shipping materials.

If you’d like to learn more about what we are doing to change our packaging to benefit Mother Earth, check out the section Eco-Friendly Shipping Materials on this page.

Do you volunteer or give back to non-profit organizations?

We absolutely give back! Right now, we do this by donating our time. Kristi’s love language is being present for others. So, giving back by donating time to volunteer with her professional association is something she has done for the past decade. Additionally, she also has mentored dozens of students over the past decade and is currently working with two student mentees.

Each year, we set aside funds and products to donate to non-profit organizations that are in alignment with our core business values.

We love – YOU – our customers and want to share the love as much as possible.

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Yep, you read that right — We’ve got a rewards program! The more money you spend, the more you earn for discounts on future purchases. Plus, other surprises!

Earning & Redemption Value of Smile Points

EARNING: Spend $1 = Earn 10 points

REDEMPTION: 100 points = $1 discount

Example: $100 spent = 1000 points = $10 discount on a future purchase

Ways to Earn Smile Points

Create an account: 50 points

Your first order bonus: 50 points

Email sign-up*: 50 points

Comment on a blog post: 50 points

Leave product review: 50 points

Bonus Smile Points earned after…

  • $75 spent = 850 points — That’s 100 Bonus points.
  • $150 spent = 1,750 points — That’s 250 Bonus points!
  • $300 spent = 3,750 points — That’s 750 Bonus points!!

Bonus Smile Points earned when the specified dollar amount is spent in a single transaction.

*We totally recommend joining our email list!

  • Not only do you get the 50 bonus points, but you will also be the first (sometimes only!!) to know about other ways to get EXTRA Smile Points & Perks!!

Checking your Smile Point Balance

From the main menu, select “My Account/Loyalty Program” then log into your account with your username/password. Once logged in, select “My Smile Points.”

When “My Smile Points” is selected, you will see the total number of Smile points you have accumulated from past purchases and the redemption value of your Smile points, as shown below.

Sample View Smile Points Balance breakdown when logged into “My Account/Loyalty Program”
This is a sample of what you will see when logged into “My Account/Loyalty Program” under “My Smile Points”

Redeeming Smile Points

Smile Points can be redeemed on future purchases when logged into your account on our website; refer to “Checking your Smile Points Balance” above for how to log-in.

Redeem Smile Points when logged into your account on our website but selecting “My Smile Points” and then toggling to “Redeem Smile Points.” Then enter the total number of points you would like to redeem on your next purchase to generate a coupon.
Sample view to redeem Smile Points when logged into “My Account/Loyalty Program.” After navigating to “Smile Points” on the left side of the screen, be sure to toggle to “Redeem Smile Points.” From there, you will be able to select the total number of points you would like to redeem with your next purchase.

Smile Points Fine Print (AKA “Rules”)


Being a member of bring about happy, LLC’s Smile Points loyalty program is free, no purchase is necessary. Visit My Account to create an account or log into an existing account.


You must be 16 years or older and a resident of the United States to be eligible for membership. A membership is limited to individuals only and is limited to one (1) account per person/individual. Persons under the age of 18 years old (minors) must obtain consent from their parents’ or legal guardians’ prior to setting up an account.


You privacy is very important to us. We take internet security seriously. And, we do not share your information with anyone. To learn more about our privacy policy, please reference to this page: Privacy Policy

Earning Points and Exclusions

Refer to “Earning & Redemption Value of Smile Points” and “Ways to Earn Smile Points” above.

When logged into your account, points are automatically applied to your account after checkout is complete. Note, if you make a purchase without logging into your account, or using the email address associated with your account, you will not accumulate Smile Points.

Points are earned on the actual dollar amount spent on the item(s) purchased. In the event you purchase an item on sale, the discounted price will be used to calculate the total Smile Points earned. For example, a T-shirt is originally priced at $25.00, but is on sale for $22.50. You will earn 22 Smile Points for the purchase, as points round down to the nearest dollar value. Points are not accumulated for discounted values, shipping, tax, or other order processing order fees.


In the event of a returned item, the Smile Points previously accumulated for the item(s) will be removed from your account. Additionally, if Smile Points were used to purchase an item, only the amount paid in cash/credit card will be returned. As an example, if a $25 T-shirt was purchased with $5 Smile Points and $20 on your credit card, only the $20 will be returned. Bring about happy, LLC reserves the right to not reapply the associated Smile Points to your account.

Bonus Points

When the stars align, we will offer Bonus Smile Points for certain promotions. Members can earn additional or “bonus” Smile Points, in connection with purchase of certain products with shopping days where a member earns a set amount of bonus points for shipping during that defined timeframe (eg day or week). If a member purchases a product during a bonus point promotion and the product comes with an additional, free or discounted product, bonus points will not be issued on the retail value of the free/discounted product.

Redeeming Points

Members can use Smile Points to reduce the purchase price of a qualifying product at the rate of 100 points = $1 off. Smile Points can be redeemed in any combination of points/increments. Refer to “Redeeming Smile Points” above for more details.

Redemption of Smile Points is subject to product availability. Smile Points cannot be redeemed toward the purchase of gift cards.

Smile Points Expiration

ALL SMILE POINTS EXPIRE AFTER 365 DAYS (1 YEAR) FROM THE DATE THE POINTS WERE EARNED. We reserve the right to change the expiration timeframe at any point in time without prior notice.

Accepting Smile Points Terms & Conditions

By becoming a Smile Points member, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined above. Bring about happy, LLC reserves the right to cancel, modify, or restrict Smile Points or any aspect of the loyalty program, including, without limitation, the point conversation ratio and the point expiration policy at any time. Any changes can be made without advance notice. You are responsible for keeping up to date about the Smile Points loyalty program terms and conditions. The Smile Points balance, as reflected on your account, shall be deemed correct. In the event of Smile Points amount inconsistency, bring about happy, LLC reserves the right to make adjustments to the total number of Smile Points on your account. Bring about happy, LLC assumes no responsibility for errors caused by incorrect member information. The sale of points is prohibited and may result in suspension or termination of your membership. In the event of fraud or abuse of the Smile Points loyalty program, bring about happy, LLC reserves the right to revoke a member’s membership.

For additional information regarding the bring about happy, LLC Smile Points loyalty program, you may contact us at


We strive to have the best quality products. Get more details about our products here, including care instructions so your product lasts as long as possible.

Can you tell me more about product sizing?

Please refer to individual product descriptions for size details. Remember, your size does not determine your worth!! You are beautiful!

If you have specific questions about a particular product, feel free to send us a message.

Note: Changes to product sizing may occur without our knowledge; we are not responsible for changes to sizing made by the manufacturer, due to product discontinuation, or other issues with product availability. We do our best to keep our information up-to-date, but we are human.

Why does my product look different than the image on your website (or social media)?

Slight variations in product color, size, and design placement may occur.

If colors appear different that on your computer screen, this is a typical occurrence due to many factors. If you notice variations from one shirt to the next, this is the result of different dye lots. In these circumstances, the product is only used when it meets the manufacturers product specifications. So, even if the colors appear different to the naked eye, the manufacturer has stated this is within acceptable limits.

From time to time, products have subtle changes in sizes or measurements. This is typical with product-based business. We do our best to update our product descriptions to reflect any changes from our manufacturers, but things happen.

Design variations, such as placement, sizing, or appearance, are often the result of humans. We do our best to keep our products as consistent as possible, but we are talking handmade items here. So, there will likely be subtle differences from one item to the next. The good news, most people will not notice these differences.

How do I care for my Bring About Happy products so they last longer?

Each product type has a different instructions. Below are some details about our most popular products.

For Shirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing

  • For washing, follow the directions on the product tag. To keep the design in tack for as long as possible, we suggest hang-drying your shirt, sweatshirt, or other clothings items to extend the life. In some cases, it may be ideal to wash the article of clothing inside out to prolong the life of the material.

For Tote Bags & Accessory Pouches

  • Spot cleaning with mild soap is recommended unless other care instructions are provided in the product description on the product listing page.

For Coffee Mugs & Cups

  • Hand washing is recommended to prolong the life of your product. Be sure to check the specific product information when you place your order – Some mugs cannot be microwaved or put in the dishwasher, particularly the stainless steel cups.

Other Items Not Mentioned

  • Details may be included in the product listing. If not, please feel free to reach out to us directly.

Generally speaking

  • We recommend cleaning your new product in the most gentle way possible, such as hand washing, spot cleaning, and/or hang drying.


Details about ordering, processing, shipping, returns/exchanges, custom orders, wholesale/bulk orders, and more!

All of our products are designed in Bend. Most of our products are handcrafted in-house and shipped from Central Oregon.

In a few cases, we work with partners to produce some of our products. You may receive items shipped from our production partners located throughout the United States, including Arizona, California, New York, North Carolina, and North Dakota.

We love to work with you to create custom orders, when possible. But, the answer really depends on what you desire.

If you would like to order custom products, please reach out! Let us know what you would like to have made and how many. Send an email to or a message via the contact form.

Processing times will vary from product to product. Often times, items are made once your order has been placed. This means we are busy working to get your product made after receiving your order — before it can be shipped.

Products produced in Bend, OR

For items made in-house, we strive to ship them within 24 to 72 hours of purchase (business days; Monday-Friday). We make it a point to make trips to the post office on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. As an example, if an order is placed on Saturday, it will typically be transferred to the post office on Tuesday. Order processing times do not include shipping.

Production Partner Facility in the USA

In very few situations, we have products made in conjunction with a partner whose processing times vary. If the product listing does not state “Ships from Bend, OR” then it may be one from a production partner.

In the case of products made by a production partner, the order will be shipped after the processing period (up to 10 days); please allow additional time for shipping (typically 2-4 business days).

Where is your order shipping from?

First, refer to the product listing for details. If your questions are not answered there, please send us a message via the contact page.

Note: During peak seasons (such as holidays) processing and shipping times may increase slightly. The sooner you place your order, the better.

Additional Shipping information can be found on our Shipping Policy page.

Back Order versus Out of Stock

There is definitely a difference between back order and out of stock products. Here’s some more detail for you:

Back order: the product is not currently stocked at our production/distribution facility in Bend, Oregon, but you can still order the product.

Once your order is received, we will source the product to be re-stocked. Items are typically received in-house within 3-7 days. Once we receive the item, we will get to making it and them ship it to you. In the case of back order, you will likely receive your product within 2-3 weeks from the time of your order.

In rare situations, the wait time may be longer. This is most likely due to a delay in receiving the product from the manufacturer. However, we assure you, we do our best to source products that will arrive quickly so we can make your item and get it shipped as soon as possible.

Out of stock: this product is no longer in stock at our production/distribution facility in Bend, Oregon and we cannot source the item for restocking. In other words, we will not be restocking this item AND it will remain unavailable for the foreesable future.

In most cases, items are shipped via USPS. Depending on where the item is going, USPS shipping timeframes within the United States are typically 2-4 days.

Important Note: Shipping times are in addition to processing times. Be sure to read ‘Order Processing Information’ as items do not always ship the same day they are ordered.

We are actively working toward moving all our shipping materials to eco-friendly products to increase sustainability.

Eco-friendly materials we use (or moving toward) in our operations:

  • Clear shirt bags dissolve in water and leave no microplastics. They are also bio-degradable, non-toxic, and carbon negative. (They are super cool!!!)
  • Polymailers are recyclable. They all want become a park bench, so make sure to put them in the recycle bin! You can also flip them inside out and use them again!
  • Shipping boxes – 100% recycled content, 95% post-consumer waste. Compostable; though recycling is preferred. Made in the USA.
  • Kraft paper packaging tape is recyclable and made from renewable sources. Made in the USA.
  • Recycled shipping labels made with 100% post-consumer content paper.

In some cases we will even re-use packing.

During this transition, most products shipped from Bend, Oregon will be packaged with reused, recycled, compostable, and/or biodegradable materials. Note: Our production partners use different materials; therefore, you will not necessarily receive your item in a package made from eco-friendly materials.

Please refer to individual product listings to know which items are packaged and shipped from Bend, Oregon as these will use eco-friendly materials.

To reduce carbon footprint, we encourage you to recycle and/or re-use shipping materials when possible.

Package Already Delivered

  • If your package was marked as delivered, but you don’t have it. We cannot replace the item. We suggest checking with your mail carrier, shipping company, or asking neighbors if your package was inadvertently delivered to the wrong address (we’ve had it happen to us before!).
  • Important note: We cannot be held liable for packages stolen, lost by USPS or another delivery companies, or deliveries made to the wrong address. You, the buyer, are responsible for filing claims for missing or lost packages with USPS and/or other delivery services.  

USPS and/or the Delivery Company is in Charge

Unfortunately, we cannot intercept a package once it has left our hands and/or has been turned over to USPS or other delivery service (i.e. UPS, FedEx, OnTrac, etc…).

Wrong Address Provided 

  • If the wrong address was provided, please send us a message as soon as you recognize the error, but we cannot guarantee the address can be updated before the item(s) actually ships.
  • Note: If the item has already shipped, we cannot intercept it with USPS or another delivery service.
  • If the order has already been shipped, you will mostly likely need to re-order the item(s). We are not responsible for the cost of re-order if the wrong address was provided when the order was placed.

The sooner we are notified, the better! Since we work with production partners to make a small handful of products, there are times we may be unable to change the address before it ships. We will do our best to accommodate your request, but cannot guarantee anything.

We seriously hope you love your new Bring About Happy products. Your satisifaction is important to us!

But, we also know that things don’t always go as expected. In the off change that something goes wrong, you will find the full details about our return/exchange policy on the Return Policy page.

A Quick Return Policy Overview

  • We accept returns within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Certain products are not eligible for return or exchange.
  • Exchanges may be made under specific conditions.

Additional terms are outlined on the Return Policy page; Please be sure to read the entire policy.

Subject to Change

Note, the terms of the return policy are subject to change at any time. We strive to maintain consistency in our practice; therefore, we really only end up making adjustments to improve clarity and customer experience. However, we reserve the right to make adjustments as needed.

Yes! We offer bulk and wholesale orders.

If you are interested, send us a message via the contact page. Let us know what you would like to order and how many. And, we will be in touch with details!

Frequently Asked Questions last updated on March 6, 2022.

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