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This page is all about directing you to the answers of commonly asked questions. Learn more about ordering, process times, shipping details, returns and exchanges, custom orders, bulk and wholesale orders, and much more!

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Nice to Meet You

We get the feeling you’ll like us. That’s because we genuinely believe in being your authentic self. We all must support each other. Read more about Be Kind. Be Human. Be a Kind Human.

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General Information

We’ve got some pretty awesome people behind the scenes. Learn more about us.

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About Our Products

We strive to have the best quality products. Get more details about our products here, including care instructions. That way, your product lasts as long as possible.

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Shopping & Checkout

Let us guide you through some much-needed information to get your new products delivered ASAP. Keep reading more…

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Backorder vs Out-of-Stock
There is definitely a difference between backorder and out-of-stock products. Keep reading to learn more…
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Eco-Friendly Mission

Mother Earth is vital to all life. Let’s treat her with respect. To do our part, we are incorporating eco-friendly materials as we go. Starting with our packing supplies made from 95-100% recycled materials.

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Our Process

All things production related. You’ll learn we design our products in Bend, Oregon. Plus, our products are hand-crafted. And how long it will take before your order is shipped.  Click here to get more details about our process.

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Shipping & Delivery

Our intention is to ship your order within 24-48 hours business days. All other shipping details you need to know about your new, fantastic order can be found here.

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Returns and Exchanges

Yep, we accept returns and exchanges. There are some limitations, though, just as you would experience elsewhere. Detailed terms are outlined on the Return Policy page; Please be sure to read the entire policy. 

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Smile Rewards

Hey, guess what. You can earn points when shopping with Bring About Happy to receive discounts on future purchases. We bet this one will make you smile.

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Custom Orders

Yep, we do that. We’d love to work with you to create custom orders, but the answer really depends on what you desire.

If you would like to order custom products, please reach out! Let us know what you would like to have made and how many. Send an email to hello@bringabouthappy.com or a message via the contact form.

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Wholesale Orders

We are sooo excited to offer wholesale opportunities. Check out more details about wholesale orders here.

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Contact Us

We’d love to chat some more. Slide into our DMs. Or you can send us an email via that contact form.