About Our Process

Here’s how we do what we do. Think of it as good-to-know information from start to finish.

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Designed in Bend

All of our products are designed in Bend, Oregon, in a beautiful little town at the heart of the state.

We do work with a few production partners to help us out. When possible, we contract with local businesses.

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We handcraft (most of) our products in-house because we are cool like that. However, it does mean that we will start making your order once it is received.

Important note: We do have some items prepared and ready to ship. So, don’t freak out and think it’ll take too long to get your order.

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Order Processing Time

In most cases, your order will ship within 24-72 hours on business days. If you are on a tight timeline, please send us a message to let us know ASAP. That way, we know what is going on.

Note: Order processing times do not include shipping.

In-House Processing

For items made in Bend, we strive to ship them within 24 to 72 hours of purchase on business days (Monday through Friday). We make it a point to visit the post office on Tuesday and Friday afternoons.

For example, if an order is placed on Saturday, it will typically be transferred to the post office on Tuesday.

Production Partners Processing

In a few cases, we work with partners to produce products. In those cases, you may receive items shipped from our production partners throughout the United States. But this is very rare these days. We also try to work with Bend-based businesses to keep it local.

For products made with our partners, please allow up to 10 days for processing, not including shipping time.

If the product listing does not state “Ships from Bend, OR” then it is most likely from a production partner.

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Shipping Info

In most cases, items are shipped via USPS. USPS shipping timeframes are typically 2-5 days, depending on where the item is going.

You can find more FAQs and answers here. Plus, additional shipping information can be found on our Shipping Policy page.

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Custom Orders

We love to work with you to create custom orders when possible. But the answer really depends on what you desire.

If you would like to order custom products, please reach out! Let us know what you would like to have made and how many. Send an email to hello@bringabouthappy.com or a message via the contact form. We will let you know the timeframe and cost to fill your dream order.