Meet Kristi

Hi, I’m Kristi!

Back in 2019, my life changed dramatically when Dave, my father in law, passed away. Losing him made me take a step back from life and question e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

You see, when Dave passed, he left a few dreams unfulfilled. This made me realize I had dreams I wasn’t pursuing.

Despite my formal training and 10 year career as a dietitian, it became clear I needed to stop putting off my own dreams.

Here’s where you came in!

As a result of all these reflections, I started Bring About Happy. Now, more than ever, you need some positivity and inspiration in your life. My hope for you is my products bring a smile to your face.

Thank you for being here today! I look forward to being (internet?) friends.

Kristi holding a coffee mug and laughing
This is me – Kristi. It’s nice to meet you!

Let’s Get to Know Each Other, I’ll Start!

A woman standing in a field wearing a Smile scoop neck shirt in military green
Kristi living the life in Bend, OR


When I was younger, I wanted to be a psychologist. My fascination with the human mind was piqued when I read a book about Richard Rameriz, the Night Stalker, a serial killer in Southern California back in the ‘80s. You can say this was in the days before TV networks broadcasted true crime shows 24-hours a day.

Nutriton Roots

As a dietitian for over 10 years, I’ve held several nutrition related jobs. Most recently, an online nutrition practice Effectual Nutrition (KC Nutrition, LLC). I worked with clients all over the state of Oregon to add more foods to their daily lives. This was before COVID made telehealth the ‘cool’ thing to do. But, it just wasn’t for me.

Kristi standing in front of a kitchen sink eating a strawberry with a cutting board of freshly cut strawberries on it
Kristi eating strawberries
A woman sitting outside in front of a computer looking down at it with a notebook and beer
Writing just about anywhere


I’ve enjoyed being creative my whole life. It has been always been therapuetic and has served as an outlet to cope with life’s struggles. More recently, writing has become a regular practice. It’s crazy to think about because growing up I didn’t like language arts — I excelled in MATH! Nevertheless, writing, in addition to being creative, help me process life. Today, I’m happy to share these things with you.

In fact, this path has lead me to writing this right now. And, this is where I was truly meant to be. I have been writing the stories shared on my blog my entire life.

Well, I’ve been drafting them in my head, but you get the point! I’m so excited to be able to share these lessons with you in hopes of offering support, wisdom, and help for you and others. Oh, and making the products to go along with all that is pretty cool too.

Excuse me while I think about how proud I am of myself because of how far I’ve come!

Love at First Sight? YES!

When I was younger, I thought it was weird when people said “it was love at first sight.” On Halloween in the early 2000’s, I walked into a party just two weeks after my 20th birthday and this guy, Brandon, walked past me in the kitchen. Suddenly the saying had a new meaning—we’ve been together ever since.

Kristi & Brandon the night we met

Yes, my Halloween outfit is inspired by Britney Spears’ … Baby One More Time music video! Brandon was, and still is, too cool for Halloween costumes. He also still owns that shirt. 😝

A man standing in a kitchen with serving utensils in his hands while wearing a pink polka dotted apron with ruffles.
Dave getting ready to carve the turkey

Dave, my Father-in-Law

This is one of my favorite photos of Dave. It was taken on Thanksgiving day in 2010, right as he got getting ready to carve the turkey. Dave decided my apron would best suit the occassion—and his outfit. Talk about a funny guy!!

When he passed away in early 2019, it lead me to question if I was pursuing my true dreams. I wasn’t. It resulted in me dissolving my private practice and starting Bring About Happy.

Some Family Photos

You can usually find me watching my kids, Cam and Haylee, playing volleyball—indoor and beach.

My cats, Milo & S’More, are in charge of Bring About Happy’s Emotional Support divison. Our dog, Honey Bear is a Golden Retriever, she spreads happiness through her smiles and playfulness.

We have a turkey named is Schwana (like Schwan’s frozen dinners, but my husband calls her Dinner). AND we have 22 chickens: 21 hens and a Rooster named Stephen —See the GIF below for where we got his name.

The inspiration for our rooster’s name…

The Hills TV Show intro for Stephen
The Rooster we have is named after Stephen from Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County (Aired 2004 to 2006 on MTV)

My husband and I used to watch this show—Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. Our favorite line is when Lauren (LC) was talking to one of her friends about Stephen and they said, “because Stephen’s so tan” in a long drawn-out California girl way. Since it’s one of our fav line and our rooster is brown tan, we named him Stephen. 😂

My Story — How Did We Get Here?

For the past decade, I have worked as a dietitian. I held several different jobs over the years—from clincial dietitian, college instructor, to school nutrition supervisor and private practice owner. While younger me thought anyone of these would be my dream career path, that just wasn’t the case.

Younger Kristi Dreams

If you would have asked high school Kristi what she wanted to be, she would have given you one of three answers: an artist/interior designer, a public speaker, or a psychologist.

Here’s the thing, I ruled out all of those potential career paths for the wrong reasons. It started with letting go of my artist/interior designer dream. When I wasn’t offered a seat in the advanced art class in high school, I figured that meant I wasn’t good enough.

Damn, there might be some shit to unpack there about the artist thing. But, it just solidifies why creating products mean so much to me!

So, I shifted my dreams to interior design… until I did a report in English class and learned the average wage of an interior designer. At the time, it was ~ $50,000/year. With a scarcity (and ungrateful) mentality, I immediately ruled out that option.

That decision was based soley on the average wage earned. Um, not everyone makes that…keep reading for the plot twist!

College-age Kristi

I went on to pursue a degree in Psychology (see the Fun Fact blurb below!). But, after butting heads with my Intro to Psych teacher at the university, I decided to drop the major and enroll in a community college instead.

Roll those eyes, David!

For the record, that situation with the psych professor—I was right! She didn’t want to give me a point on the exam because what she said in class contradicted the textbook. And, my answer was based on the book. I was penalized for reading. Mull over that one for a moment.

While in community college, things kinda started to make sense. While I had originally thought hotel & restaurant management (HRT) would be my major, it didn’t last very long.

The first HRT class I took was a ServSafe course. It was the logical choice, I was working as a supervisor at an unconventional seafood house and they were considering talking about moving me into the management program.

However, the Universe had others plans. And, destiny took over!

One day after my ServSafe class ended, the professor stopped me on the way out the door. I will never forget her words. She asked me,

“Kristi, have you ever thought about being a dietitian?”

My intial thought was, “WTF is a dietitian?” But, I didn’t quite verbalize it that way.

The next semester, I enrolled in her nutrition class. When people say the information just ‘clicked’ —well, that was me. Nutrition was the major I was meant to pursue. I was meant to be a dietitian.

Here’s the kicker —The average wage of a dietitian at the time was almost the same as an interior designer!!

Exactly what I was thinking!

Moral of the Story

Had I not let external factors influence me, and stayed true to my dreams, who knows where I’d be today. At the same time, we cannot live a life of “what ifs.”

I choose to believe that I took exactly the path I was intended—It’s been full of ups and downs, but I wouldn’t change any of it.

Well, that took a little longer than I expected, but now you know how we ended up here today. Thanks for sticking with me!

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