Why We Started Bring About Happy

Life Before All This

Kristi standing in front of a kitchen sink eating a strawberry with a cutting board of freshly cut strawberries on it
Kristi eating strawberries

Kristi Coughlin, MS, RD

Kristi Coughlin, our founder, is a nutrition expert by training. Breakdown of the alphabet soup: MS stands for Masters of Science in Nutrition and RDN means Registered Dietitian.

After working several jobs as a registered dietitan—from hospitals to teaching college courses and school nutrition—she decided to open an online nutrition private practice.

For the next three years, Kristi spent countless hours building and growing online nutrition practice. Here’s the kicker—it failed.

Well, perhaps we are being too harsh. It didn’t exactly fail… Rather, she accepted she was chasing someone else’s dream. But, wasn’t entirely sure what she would do after closing her private practice.

A cartoon of a woman looking into a crystal ball.
Kristi trying to predict her future path like…

A Moment of Clarity

Here’s the thing, Kristi’s past experiences weren’t a total loss. While working with clients, she made the realization that nearly all of her clients had one common deficiency.

Yet, that deficiency didn’t have anything to do with nutrition. Instead, Kristi’s clients lacked self-love.

After some deep soul searching, she recognized it was time to leave the private practice behind to pursue something else.

Kristi felt called to create a community—and products—to help support people on their journey of self discovery. She wanted to inspire and empower others to embrace self-love. All while tapping into her love of creating and writing.

FUN FACT — All the sayings on our products are inspired by Kristi’s former private practice clients!

Sharing Our Passions with You

While recognizing that many people struggle to welcome self-love into their life, Kristi made another connection in the things she had witnessed with her clients (and friends).

We, humans, do an incredible job telling our closest friends they are amazing. At the same time, we often fail to acknowledge those same amazing qualities within ourselves.

Hold up. Let’s repeat that…

We do a great job telling our friends how amazing they are and why they deserve to be valued and loved by others. Yet, we forget that same thing applies to ourselves!

It’s like we forget we need to hear those positive messages too.

We’re declaring it’s time for a change!

We need to talk positively to ourselves—Just like we do for our friends.

And, the same thing can be said for our shirts, coffee mugs, notepads, stickers…

Next time you consider buying something for your friends and family, keep all this in mind! And, get something for yourself.

You are deserving of uplifting products too!

XOXO Kristi