When Life Falls Apart — Things Start to Come Together

“Why me? Why does everything BAD happening to me?” – Kristi, circa 2014

An Origin Story

When Life Falls Apart — It is Not Like the Movies

You know in the movies when someone’s life starts to fall apart?

The main character has some sort of crisis and it takes only a few minutes for everything to unfold and come crashing down around them.

Then boom, they solve the problem and live happily ever after. Oh, and all this takes place in less than two hours.

Real Life Falling Apart

Well, when everything starts to fall apart in real life, it isn’t quite the same as the movies.

Seriously, it takes a whole lot longer than a few minutes. And, it can feel like years before things come back together. Uh, yea… life’s problems cannot be solved in a matter of a couple of hours or even a couple of weeks.

How do I know this? Well, it happened to me.

Hi, I’m Kristi. The founder of Bring About Happy.

Some time ago, five or so years ago, I felt as though everything was falling apart in my life. It was also nowhere near as dramatic as in the movies. {Though there were moments it felt like that!}

You can say everything started to fall apart at the drop of a pin – from Pinterest. But, we’ll save that story for another day.

Everything was Actually Coming Together

What ended up happening from that moment forward has completely and totally changed my life.

While it felt as though I hit rock bottom, there was something better ahead. And, once I found it, I had a deep burning drive to share it with others — including YOU!

Seriously, if I could shout it from the mountain tops for everyone to hear – I’d do exactly that. I mean, I do live really close to Mount Bachelor.

I knew the messages would be better heard by creating products with inspirational words to help you and the people you care about in your life.

Wallah, my business Bring About Happy was born!

The purpose of this business is to create a community where people find themselves — or find your way back to yourself.

More importantly, I want you to know you belong. And, it’s with us! This community is all about helping you find your purpose, happiness, and sharing inspiring messages.

Sharing is caring. Plus, when you help others, you are also helping yourself. So, it’s a win-win… WIN situation!

Originally named Effect Positivity meaning Bring About Happy, I’ve have since streamlined the name to make it easier for you to find online.

A Deeper Meaning to the Name

Why did I originally go with the name Effect Positivity? Well, I like to think of my business as a start of a ripple effect.

We, as individuals, are like a drop of water into a large body of water. Once the drop hits the surface, the resulting action is a series of concentric circles rippling through the water until it reaches its furthest potential.

The meaning of this symbolism — When you find happiness, you create a ripple effect that continues to spread happiness to others around you.

Let’s see how far we can continue this ripple of happiness.

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