Uplifting Cards Bundle


Even the back of these cards has an uplifting message, “You are an amazing and capable human being.”

Grab it while you can. These are samples with limited quantities.


Cards are a dying breed, but we still believe they are amazing. Like, how often do you get a card in the mail? Usually, it’s a bunch of coupons and bills. Am I right?

Imagine your friend or loved one opening the mailbox to see a handwritten card. Bonus, the card is super adorable and has uplifting messages.

Now I want to mail someone a card! LOL


Uplifting Card Details

  • Pack of 4 cards
    • Choose Happy with yellow background
    • You are Enough on green background
    • You can & You Will on pink background
    • Love Yourself on blue background
  • 4″ wide x 5.75″ long
  • Paper is high-quality and soft to the touch
  • Back of the card reads, “You are an amazing and capable human being,” with small font under it that reads, “Now look in the mirror and tell yourself this every day until you believe it.”


These items are samples from before we became Bring About Happy. As a result, they are not eligible for a return. However, they are pretty cute. So that shouldn’t be much of a problem. 


Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 9 in


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