Happiness Candle Hazelnut Coffee Scent


Make your house smell like Happiness with this hazelnut coffee scented candle.

Looking for another scent? We also have Inspiration which smells like cinnamon rolls. 

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Smells like Happiness Candle

Awe, do you smell that? It smells like happiness — aka hazelnut coffee.

Here’s how the name came to be: Kristi’s definition of happiness is sitting in a coffee shop enjoying some liquid of the gods and chatting with friends or working on her newest project.

When the Pandemic hit, and we were unable to frequent our favorite places, Kristi realized she desperately needed a coffee shop at home. Or, at least the smell of a coffee shop.

Well, what a better way to try and re-create that coffee shop feel at home without actually having to leave your house?! And, since coffee is the liquid of the gods, you will be certain to feel all the happy vibes.

Pro-tip: If you are trying to re-create the full coffee shop experience at home with your new favorite candle, turn on a YouTube video of coffee shop sounds. Yes, they do exist. Here is one!!

The abbreviated story

This candle got its name — Happiness — from Kristi’s love of coffee shops. If you know any coffee shop lovers in your life, this candle makes a great gift.

If you prefer the scent of baked goods, check out our Inspiration candle which smells like cinnamon rolls. 

Candle Details

– Hazelnut Coffee Scent: The fragrance smells like the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mixed with creamy vanilla and notes of nutty hazelnuts.

– 9 oz soy blended wax candle — 2.75″ (Diameter) x 3.5″ (Height with lid), 9.0625″ (Circumference)

– Hand-poured in USA

– Burn time, approx. 9 hours

– Exercise caution when burning your candle; Be sure to read the warning label on the bottom of the candle and follow the directions.

Note, wax imperfections are normal.


Ships from Bend, Oregon in 95% post-consumer recycled packaging!!

We source (most) shipping materials from a USA-based company that specializes in using recycled materials to produce cardboard boxes. You’ll feel good knowing you are helping the environment by purchasing these candles. If you want to know more about what we are doing to be environmentally friendly, check out our FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions webpage.


Additional information

Weight 16.6 oz
Brand Name

Bring About Happy, Custom


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