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Can’t decide what to get your bestie, mom, daughter, or someone special?

Solution: Buy them a gift card!!


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Gift Giving 101: We Make Giving Presents Easy!

Deciding what presents to buy your friends and loved ones can be a daunting task. You want to get them the BEST gift, but might struggle with making a decision — which is the best gift to give?! {Raising hand, totally guilty of having a hard time making these types of decisions}.

To help you out, we are on a mission to make giving gifts less stressful. Here are 3 Simple Steps:

1. Make a list of upcoming birthdays, events, and/or holidays.

2. Write out all the people who you would like to send gifts to.

3. Buy all the gifts on — either in the form of products and/or gift cards!

  •  When you buy products from us, we send the gift out for you!
    • No wrapping. No trips to the post office. No worrying on your end.
    • You can even write a message that will be included as a handwritten card to the gift recipient.
  • Prefer to give gift cards? That is a great idea!
    • Gift cards are the love language of someone who wants to give to others, but also wants to make sure the recipient is getting EXACTLY what they want!!
    • Simply select the value you would like to give to the gift recipient.