Ditch Diets Eat Intuitively Sticker


Not everyone is a fan of the “f-word.” But, when it comes to discussing diets… well, its almost as if the word must be used. It is time to ditch diet culture. Embrace intuitive eating. And, tell diets to f-off!


Let’s Ditch Diets & Eat Intuitively

OK. Not everyone is a fan of the “f-word.” So, let’s soften things up a bit and say “ditch” diet culture. It is time to embrace intuitive eating.

This sticker is a great reminder to put on your fridge, a folder, near you dining room table, or basically anywhere…

Our friends involved in the Health At Every Size (HAES) movement will totally be on board for this sticker, too!

About Our Ditch Diets, Eat Intuitively Sticker 

— Text reading “Ditch diets eat intuitively”

— 3 x 1.84” (3 inches wide by 1.84 inches tall)

— White word bubble with the words Ditch diets eat intuitively words

— Premium, high-quality vinyl with special laminate that protects them from the elements, such as wind, rain, and sunshine.

— Dishwasher resistant, too!

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