Inexpensive Gifts for the Woman Who Has Everything


Giving Gifts for the Woman Who Has Everything

When people say someone “has everything,” it usually mean the person has enough money to afford anything they want. It may also mean that they live a minimalist lifestyle and limit the amount of belongings they have or desire.

Regardless, having everything you want is a good thing. It means you have all you need and you’re happy with what you have. Important side note: There’s nothing wrong with wanting more, but be grateful for what you do have and don’t take it for granted. If you need a little help practicing gratitude, we’ve got you covered.

What happens, though, when you are trying to figure out ideas for inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything?

Keep reading for the solutions we have for you!

Q: Do you have ideas for inexpensive gift for the woman who has everything?

A: Yes! We’ve got you covered. Are you ready for it? Here we go… Give the gift of happy.

There are many ways that people try to find happiness in their lives. While some people may think that money and possessions will bring them happiness, others may think that helping others or spending time in nature is really the key.

Science has actually shown that happiness is a choice, and there are scientifically proven ways to be happy—skip to our first gift idea to learn more.

Ideas for How to Give the Gift of Happy

We’ve great ideas for gifts women in your life will love, including practical gifts, unique gifts, and birthday gifts! The following list is our version of a Gift Guide to help you find things ideas your gift recipient will absolutely love.

1) Give encouragement.

According to positive psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky, encouragement is one of the most powerful gifts you can give someone. It helps people feel capable and increases their happiness.

This study demonstrates expressing optimism as one of two practices that help people to positively impact someone’s life. By offering encouragement to others, we are doing exactly what this research article says to do when we want to create a positive impact.

Shameless Plug: The product we create at Bring About Happy are a great way to offer words of encouragement. We have some super cute, thoughtful gift ideas in our Shop. Below are photos (with links) to some of our favorite items.

Yellow and Green tie dye tote bag with You Are Enough in white writing
You Are Enough Tie Dye Tote Bag
Coffee Mugs
A white candle in a clear jar with a gold lid. Text on the label reads, Inspiration. Cinnamon Roll.
Inspiration Cinnamon Roll Scented Candle

2) Spend time with loved ones.

We are big believers in giving the gift of time. This is because we believe time is one of the most precious gifts you can give your loved ones. When you take the time to be with them, it is priceless.

We also recognize that the holidays can be hectic time of year with all the traditions (and obligations). By shopping with Bring About Happy, we will help to alleviate the stress of your holiday to do list.

We take care of getting your gift shipped with a handwritten card. And, by eliminating the need to stand in line at the post office. Those things right there just bought you back at least an hour!

By helping to clear your schedule and carve out time you can dedicate to your loved ones, we hope you are able to give them the precious, and priceless, gift of spending quality time together.

TL;DR: Time is a valuable commodity and we should never take it for granted. When you purchase gifts from Bring About Happy, we do the heavy lifting to save you time so you can spend it with loved ones.

Quality time with friends & loved ones is where it’s at!
A woman with black curly hair wearing a You Are Enough Classic Fit TShirt in Indigo
One of our favorite shirts.

4) Support small businesses

The holiday season pretty much boils down to gift shopping. Am I right? While many of us are on a quest for the best gifts to give, we sometimes forget to shop from small businesses instead of big box stores, like Amazon. (No judgment here, we are creators of habit!)

This year, I’d like to encourage you to shop small. While we are discussing things to buy for someone who has everything, let’s take a moment to consider the things your gift recipient values. If they are big believers in supporting the local community and/or sustainable products—these are things you can get from small business!

Here are some of the benefits of supporting small businesses:

  • You’re supporting your community
  • You can back businesses that are in alignment with the gift recipients’ values
  • You can find unique, one-of-a-kind product
    • Um, this is especially great when you are trying to buy something for the person who has everything!
  • You help to support Mother Earth—We are committed to sustainable practices
  • Small business are more likely to give back to the community (raising hand!)

Plus, there are so many amazing small business out there, and it feels great to support them!!

Gratitude Time Out: Thank you so much for being here right now and considering supporting our small business this holiday season. We truly appreciate your support. This is all possible because of YOU!

3) Spread joy—Give gifts with the help of Bring About Happy

Give the gift of joy by giving a gift from Bring About Happy. Our products include uplifting and inspiring messages to encourage the recipient to think happy thoughts, to do things that make them happy, and be happy.

You are exactly where you need to be—We want to help you give gifts to spread joy and happiness!

Putting the focus on giving something that will make the recipient smile is pretty awesome. We pride ourselves on playing a role in making people smile. We also love being a part of the gift giving process by helping to take pressure off of you.

Calling out the elephant in the room: You might be reading this right now and think gifts that encourages joy and happiness are corny or sappy. We, on the other hand, think it’s wonderful. Here’s why: It shows that you care enough about the other person to want them to be happy, and that you want to help them in any way you can. That’s a pretty awesome way to re-frame it.

A woman giving a friend a piggy back ride next to the river

Looking for More Gift Ideas?

Solutions Found

There are plenty of women in your life who seem to have it all—the perfect job, the dream home, and a never-ending stream of fabulous clothes and accessories. However, we have offered some ideas to give inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything—many of which are priceless. We hope you were able to get some gift ideas that show her you care, without breaking the bank.

We think when you thoughtfully select the perfect gift, it will be greatly appreciated.

Do you have additional ideas for things you can give to someone who already has everything and that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? If so, we’d love to hear them. Drop a comment below!

PS. We talked a lot about giving. For some of us, giving is a difficult subject. If you struggle with the giving and receiving, you might want to check out this article. It might help you to reframe your thoughts.

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